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WE INSPIRE senior leaders and their teams to maximise their performance by growing both Profit and Smiles


Simply put, we help your team(s) to fly, generating greater Profit and Smiles, through mentoring, coaching and facilitation.


We work hard to understand you and your team and to create the right environment for you to have amazing experiences.


Each programme is specifically tailored to meet clients’ needs and typically includes a mix of personal one-to-one and team facilitated sessions.


We believe that people achieve so much more when they fly like geese in a skein rather than adopt gaggle-like behaviours.

How would you like your team to really fly?

Have you ever wondered why a group of geese on the ground is called a gaggle, but when they are in flight they are known as a skein?

Maybe it’s because, on the ground, they are bumping into each other, honking simultaneously and fighting over food. Whereas in the air, they move in glorious formation, each understanding their role and honking individually, knowing that together they travel so much further than if they fly alone.

Our passion is to help you and your team fly like the geese in their skein and, to that end, we develop inspirational programmes to get you airborne.

So, what makes us so special?

We believe the combination of our values, together with our listening and our experience, make us truly unique and exceptional at what we do…

iTS our values

Value 1: iTS about truth

We cannot be successful without dealing with the real issues and calling it as we (and others) see it.

Value 2: iTS about the connection

We work hard to get people to see others’ points of view and connect with a higher intent. When this happens, it is quite magical and the commercial results rapidly follow.

Value 3: iTS about you

Ultimately it’s about you and what you want to achieve and how we can help you reach your goals. It’s personal, we understand that, which is why everything we do, whether before, during or after our projects, has you and your success at its heart.

iTS our listening

We passionately care about you, your team and getting the very best result for you. We pride ourselves on listening far beyond the norm. We know our customers love the space this creates. We listen with no judgement and no ego. Even after the project finishes, we are still on hand to support you and share the journey.

iTS our experience

We always put your needs first. We do a deep diagnosis before creating your unique solution. We cannot write the prescription before we have carried out the diagnosis, which we do in person, in depth and with breadth across both commercial and cultural (emotional) aspects of your business. Our clients love that our experience is diverse, global, commercial and proven at a senior level. We have walked in your shoes.


The iTS Leadership team

Antony Tinker

Antony Tinker

As a mentor for senior business leaders, Antony helps to unlock barriers, creating transformational shifts with individuals which lead to incredible and sustainable results.

Liz Babb

Liz Babb

Liz’s passion is making strong connections with individuals to give them the confidence and freedom to choose the paths in work and life that are right and authentic for them.

Tim Sandiford OBE

Tim Sandiford OBE

As a Colonel in the Army until recently, and having been awarded an OBE for his leadership of operations in Iraq in 2007, Tim has witnessed the power of good, authentic leadership.

Judy Walker

Judy Walker

Judy is a subject matter expert in the After Action Review (AAR) approach and has been instrumental in developing AAR for use in the NHS, higher education and private sector.

iTS about what others say

"iTS Leadership really got to know us and our business before designing an inspirational program."

“The team increased their performance as a cohesive unit and were less accepting of average results.”

“The programme stretched our thinking and belief as a team to exceed business goals.”

“We outperformed all but one [country organisation] in the world.”

“You have helped build trust across the team, and encouraged open and honest communications.”

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