How an appetite to solve problems with honesty can transform your business

What is AAR?

After Action Review (AAR) is a structured approach to learning from any shared experience or event. It is the KEYSTONE to ensuring optimal team and business performance.

iTS AAR equips organisations to learn easily and effectively from the exceptional and the everyday

  • iTS AAR will accelerate revenues
  • iTS AAR will improve margins
  • iTS AAR will reduce failed proposals
  • iTS AAR will boost team engagement


Unite, Learn, Advance

When iTS AAR is fully embedded in your organisation it UNITEs all in a shared approach to learning from experience, enabling all to contribute towards developing solutions which improve future performance.

When an organisation is able to use iTS AAR to LEARN from the exceptional and the everyday, the energy for continuous improvement and innovation is unleashed.

Not only does After Action Review ADVANCE team performance by 25%, it increases the effectiveness and quality of all your other initiatives acting as the keystone to success.

If you’re not sure what AAR is and why you should be using it, here’s a short video which explains all.

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iTS about what others say

“I love the way that AAR gives everyone the opportunity to have an equal voice and really learn from experiences together. The joint learning through AAR is incredible.”

“Our experience is that AAR is simple and easy to use. It’s not only an improvement tool but one that has a major effect on the relationships and culture of a team. These two things make it infectious and just like that famous snack “once you pop, you can’t stop” which makes it sustainable too.”

“If you work in a fast-paced organisation where new projects are currently being undertaken then AARs will ensure that the business will perform as efficiently as it is able to, solving issues and developing successes.”

“Regularly using AAR has created a safe and trusting environment for the team, strengthening relationships and flattening any hierarchy created by management tiers. Everyone can take part and share their experiences.”

“AARs take time, confidence and bravery to run. You are asking questions that you might not want the answers to, but they are exactly the sort of questions you should be asking!

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