We’re often asked what it is we do…

We, like you, are passionate about commercial success (more profit generated) and we know this is always enhanced by cultural transformation (more smiling team members).

iTS LEADERSHIP® develops and delivers tailored programmes to help maximise the performance of teams and individuals.

Though group workshops, retreats and individual work, we take pride in improving the performance of teams to recognise their full potential.

We discuss the specific business challenges, extract clarity from complex situations, and design a strategy with the teams, so they align fully with it.

We work with business leaders on an individual level, to explore challenges that are specific to them and enable them to be as effective as they can be in their expanding roles.

This leads to:

Commercial success

All the teams we have worked with – without exception – perform significantly better commercially than before, with many winning awards for their success.

Cultural transformation

Today it has been proven, beyond all doubt, that happy people make happy teams, which increases productivity and a sense of well-being.

iTS our products

Our UNIQUE offerings and processes are tailored specifically to the individuals and teams we work with, where every intervention is carefully built after a thorough exploration (Knowledge) phase. In every client interaction, we strive for nothing less than an EXCEPTIONAL result.

Agreeing the right intervention(s) to ensure buy in and sustained engagement is absolutely key. This approach leads to increased productivity driven by an improved general sense of wellbeing.

We have consistently PROVEN results with the teams we work with; a sustained ROI time after time. Our clients return to us year on year, telling us they “trust and value our partnership”.

Our most successful programmes look at all 3 elements necessary for peak performance



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We provide mentoring and coaching on a one-to-one basis, where we consider the whole individual, to ensure each person has the greatest opportunity to excel.



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We run team development workshops and team retreats, tailored to you, to help the team grow and gel together.



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Using our DiamondEDGE® we support your strategy design and executional plans, giving new insights into your existing performance.


Performance Transformation

iTS DiamondEdge®

We align teams using our unique DiamondEDGE® framework, our most popular offering for cross-functional teams wanting to align, unite and connect quickly, providing instant traction. Simply, it’s a whole plan on a page, and exceptionally powerful, providing team clarity, identity and focus.


Personal Transformation

iTS Mentoring

Mentoring and coaching is usually delivered in courses of two-hour sessions over a minimum of six months. These one-to-one sessions consider the whole person and are 100% tailored to the client’s agenda.


Personal Transformation


The iTS-LDP (Leadership Development Programme) can run alongside the coaching sessions (when required). Usually consisting of a series of one- or half-day leadership workshops and masterclasses (to complement and consolidate the one-to-one sessions), all programmes are bespoke.

Typical topics include: listening, energy management, authentic leadership, direction and alignment, effective working in multicultural teams, influencing, personal resilience and storytelling.


Team Transformation


Brought into the corporate world following significant impact in the NHS and the armed forces, the After Action Review (AAR) is transformational in building a true learning culture. AAR is proven to be a highly adaptable and incredibly useful approach which is widely used for learning from minor and major “actions”.

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Team Transformation


These outdoor Leadership Challenge programmes are designed to take teams on a journey towards a deeper understanding of themselves, their own strengths and motivations, when working towards achieving a challenging goal together. iTS Leadership currently runs these programmes on water and land.

iTS about what others say

"iTS Leadership really got to know us and our business before designing an inspirational program."

“The team increased their performance as a cohesive unit and were less accepting of average results.”

“The programme stretched our thinking and belief as a team to exceed business goals.”

“We outperformed all but one [country organisation] in the world.”

“You have helped build trust across the team, and encouraged open and honest communications.”

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