Case Study 1

Unite a UK leadership team to create and launch a strategic restructure

The challenge

Our challenge was to help unite a new leadership team (LT) in a UK affiliate (US medical devices company), in preparation for a strategic re-design of the UK business.  In addition, year on year UK business growth was a non-negotiable expectation.

The challenge was two-fold: to unite the team with real clarity in their journey and then to guide, support and assist the UKLT in their planning and execution of the strategic re-design.

Early exploration outlined a wealth of experience and a palpable passion to create a solid platform for growth together.  However, a lack of clarity and focus was leading to haphazard execution and no real understanding of each other’s strengths and priorities.  Despite this, every UKLT member was passionate to be the most successful affiliate (both commercially and culturally), and to lead the way within the wider international business.

What was created

The programme involved workshops to create their unique DiamondEDGE® business model.  These outputs were shared with the wider UK and global organisation where they were well received.  A calm confidence and determination followed within the LT.

The re-design commenced five months later.  The objective to create the optimal field structure for customers, living the Vision and Essence and embracing the collective knowledge, in order to find a better, more customer centric, way forward for the UK business.  The original structure was sub-optimal, no longer meeting the needs of the evolving NHS, nor the new acquisitions the company had recently made.

To support this objective, we designed an inclusive and inspiring two-day UK company conference, to engage every UK employee in the re-design journey.

The impact

The initial communication of the DiamondEDGE® model had a dramatic and fast impact, as everyone’s views were heard and recognised, creating amazing engagement and infectious energy.

The UKLT remained resilient throughout the whole process, aligned and passionate about their story, as one united team, leading the organisation forward in a culture of trust and respect.

The result

The company hit its re-design target on time, the process running smoothly and professionally.

Between 2013 (project start) and 2015 there was a 31% increase in Revenue (£19m), with strong year on year growth and an estimated 420 lives saved and 4000 fewer needless infections. In achieving this their five year goals were delivered in just three years!

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