Case Study 2

Revitalisation of a UK pharmaceutical organisation

The challenge

We were asked to help revitalise the performance and reputation of a UK-Ireland affiliate of a global pharmaceutical company.  This company had a new General Manager and the revitalisation process involved uniting the senior leadership team with a common purpose and vision whilst developing a comprehensive program to address each core area of the business.

Early exploration revealed that business growth had been in decline for a considerable number of months. There was a culture of silo working plus a lack of clear direction from the top and within departments. The culture was one of reaction and blame, as opposed to a learning, no-judgement culture. In addition, there was a lack of demonstrable “leadership” and “teamwork” at all levels in the organisation.

In summary, there was a keen and palpable desire for positive change, with a loyal, albeit somewhat mentally exhausted workforce, but a lack of focus and clarity on how to execute it.

What was created

The programme involved several group workshops with the senior LT to create, disseminate and execute a compelling vision and strategy, as well as break embedded silos and change attitudes and mindsets. There was a healthy mix of one-to-one consultations, off-site workshops and one-to-one coaching.  Business frameworks were shared appropriately along the journey to facilitate learning and change. Running in parallel, and totally aligned, were programmes in each of the company’s key therapy area teams. Each was built completely bespoke for that therapy area, having undergone a thorough exploration.

The impact

This whole structured approach gave every employee in the organisation some much needed clarity and focus.  People reported feeling “heard” and empowered for the first time in a very long time, and that they liked the consistency in the approach, with every division feeling included and valued, both in their own teams, and also within the wider journey for the organisation as a whole. The majority of employees had clarity on where the business was now heading and what part they could play in its growth and progression. This approach helped instil a calm confidence which spread healthily and swiftly across the organisation, creating more engagement and energy and a more proactive mindset.

The result

According to the GM, within six months the business had totally turned around, with three back-to-back highest months of sales plus growth and market share penetration back into positive progression.  People were visibly more engaged, happy and significantly (60%) less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere.  The general mood is fantastic now with more smiles than ever…. and the commercial results are getting better and better with the affiliate now overtaking their European counterparts for the first time in several years.

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