I recently heard the analogy of trying to play a lute or guitar with the strings too tight or too loose. Imagine this, what would it sound like? Likelihood is either there would be no sound at all or it would be strained and unpleasant and most certainly not musical or harmonious! So it is with us and our frequent striving for effortless success in whatever we do.  If we try too hard we simply don’t get the right results, and if we don’t try hard enough then success will not come.


Achieving effortless success

I was speaking with my eldest son this weekend about his upcoming round of golf.  He wanted to make sure he played as well as possible and wanted to focus on his ensured success.  “How will you define success?” I asked him.  His response was obviously that it was down to achieving the lowest score.  I challenged him what other measures of success there could be in such a game, especially when played with family and friends.  My point was, when we focus on maybe the fun and enjoyment of the game and focus less on getting the result, maybe we relax that little bit more and end up getting a better result and greater success – both in the score and in the enjoyment….a bit like the Profit and Smiles we aim to enhance in all our client work!!

In his writing and speaking, Michael Neill talks about Effortless Success. Effortless, in this instance, isn’t about an avoidance of physical work; it’s about an absence of mental struggle.  Looking at this, how often, when the pressure is on, do we try too hard and in working this way fail to see the creative solutions and obvious answers to our challenges right in front of our noses?

So, this Monday, with the task lists being created for the day ahead, my challenge for you all is…tighten your strings neither too loose nor too tight; get the balance right between good physical work and too much mental struggle.  Take yourself for a walk.  Have a chat to a colleague you don’t know that well.  Take time out and see what this actually does for your productivity and ability to achieve effortless success. 

I know for me and most of my mentees who practise this, we find our productivity and, more importantly, our ENJOYMENT of the journey is greatly enhanced. Is that the definition of effortless success?

Why not give it a go this week? And if you need some help from us, get in touch.

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