Much is written about leadership mentoring and how it can benefit people at all stages of their career. But, having received many emails and messages from mentees past and present articulating the transformations they have undergone, we thought it would be interesting to examine the process and its benefits more closely. Among the mentoring clients we work with, what are the transformational shifts they have experienced and how have they done it? And what could it mean for you?

Incremental vs transformational change

Sometimes progress comes in the form of incremental changes, small steps which – over time – add up to a big difference. But with our leadership mentoring programmes, it’s possible to experience a completely transformational shift, like stepping into an express elevator and speeding to the top of the sky scraper. Once you reach your destination, you find that the whole world looks different and your perspective on life has completely changed.

The speed of change is almost always in direct proportion to the time and commitment a leader puts into the mentoring process. However large the change may be from where someone is now to where they want to be, once they make that commitment to changing and open themselves up to what’s possible, it can often only take one or two sessions for a mentee to experience change happening.

“Our sessions always leave me energised and enlightened. They have helped me grow and understand my potential in business and as a person.”

Tip #1: If you sign up for leadership mentoring, commit to it 100%. Don’t miss appointments, do your homework, and bring your whole self to every session.

 First look in the mirror

Everyone starts from a different place at the beginning of the mentoring process. Every person brings with them the scars and successes of their previous experience, the highs and lows of their leadership journey. The fact that they are embarking on a leadership mentoring programme tells us that they want to change, but it’s common for mentees to initially look for external factors to blame for their frustrations. They may feel that they have been adversely affected by circumstances, that their progress has been hampered by others, that they don’t have enough time, autonomy, or support.

When there is a problem in a team, the root cause can nearly always be traced back to the leader and what they are doing (or not doing). Transformation happens when we lose our self-importance and focus on our team and our customers instead.

We can all find a million excuses but, when something is wrong, the first place to look is always in the mirror. Remember, we can’t change anyone else, only ourselves.

“We have worked on my capabilities as a leader and the importance of quietening my mind to listen fully to others and truly serve them.”

Tip #2: To get the most from a leadership mentoring programme, be prepared to set your ego aside and examine yourself with brutal honesty.

One thought away from transformation

In our leadership mentoring programmes we believe that everyone is just one thought away from transformation. The key to changing how we behave, how we see the world and how the world sees us, is how we react to our thinking. We cannot control our thoughts, but we can choose how we react to them, and thus change how we feel about certain situations.

In our leadership mentoring programmes we work on this ability to stay calm and not overreact, particularly in stressful moments. Once leaders understand that feelings only come from their thinking, any negativity (their own or others’) has much less impact.

By learning to quieten the mind and see problems as opportunities to learn rather than insurmountable objects, life instantly becomes easier and much more fun.

“Along this journey I have learned to see the power of my and others’ thoughts and how they determine our reality. This has boosted my own development and personal satisfaction in life but also, I believe, helped me to be a better leader.”

Tip #3: Recognise that we only ever live in the thinking of our feeling in the moment. Be prepared to accept that everything happens for a reason and start to view problems as opportunities. It’s a transformational mind shift!

Whatever the personal satisfaction our clients gain from our transformational leadership mentoring programmes, it’s also a fact that they thrive professionally too. There are numerous examples of them receiving multiple promotions and pay rises as a result of our work together:

“I honestly believe that this would have been much less likely to happen at this speed and with the level of comfort I feel had I not had your guidance during this time.”

“This is a relatively small time/money investment for a high-impact and transformative change.”

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